Stay Dry With Glacier Gloves Pro Waterfowler

Since 1982 Glacier Glove has been making high quality neoprene gloves. They pride themselves on having some of the best made products on the market. Whether you’re fishing, hunting or just enjoy spending time outdoors, Glacier Glove makes a product that fits your needs.

Take Control with Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Lanyards

A duck call lanyard is a very important piece of equipment, and there are many different models and styles available on the market. Some hold one call some hold numerous calls, while some hold nearly everything but the kitchen sink. They are made from many different types of material and countless color patterns. The most important thing about any lanyard is that it fits your needs and works for you. Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Lanyards are worth a look the next time you are shopping for a new lanyard.

Kuster’s Game Carrier Carries the Load

Game carriers, game totes or hang em highs, what ever you call them they all serve the same purpose. During your hunt they keep your birds organized and in order, and the make for easy carry out when your done. These come in many different shapes colors and styles and some may fit your needs better than others. Recently we received a game carrier from Kuster’s custom waterfowl and we were impressed with it from the get go.

SG-20, The Closest Thing to Liquid Gold

SG-20 is manufactured by Vettec, a family owned company located in Southern California that has been making products for over 60 years. Although they have been making adhesives for many years, it has only recently become available specifically for outdoor gear repair needs. Vettec was kind enough to send us a sample of their product to test out and show our readers what it is capable of. We have all had a pair of waders get a hole, rip, or puncture and there are products on the market to repair such issues but with SG-20 you can have the hole fixed and be back in the field within an hour.

Packing List

Many of us are not blessed to live in an area where waterfowl is plentiful. If you are one of the hunters that fall into this category, odds are that every year you make a special trip to a destination where ducks and geese are abundant. Here is a little list of things that we like to pack on our trips out of town. If you would like, print it off and use it as your own, add what you need to add and cross out what doesn’t apply to you.

Kingdom Calls, Clearing the Skies with the Air Traffic Controller

We got our hands on a Kingdom Calls Air Traffic Controller goose call, just in time for early goose season. Kingdom Calls is a company based out of Kentucky, as some of you may recall from our previous review of their (GS-1) Duck Call. Just like their other call, this one did not fail to impress us.

Lifetime Decoys “The Original Coated Cable Decoy Rig”

By now we all know the concept of a texas rigged decoy. Well, Lifetime Decoys has taken that idea to the next level. While their version still has the convenient function of the ordinary texas rig it also adds extreme durability. Based out of Houston Texas; Lifetime Decoys has created arguably the most durable, rugged and indestructible decoy rig on the market. With numerous different versions to choose from we will be focusing on the 48″ model.

Dry Your Worries Away with the Peet Power Cell

If you are a duck hunter or an outdoorsman chances are you have used or have found yourself in need of some type of boot dryer. Peet started making footwear dryers in 1968 and they have led the market in quality and design. They offer dryers of all shapes and sizes to fit every possible need. We have used Peet Dryers in the past but never one so small and compact. This is what makes the Peet Power cell so attractive to the duck hunter that often finds themselves on the road or in a hotel.

Decoy Selection For Early Teal Season

With early teal season right around the corner, it’s time to start getting your gear together. Decoy realism is a huge part of duck hunting these days, but for early teal season it doesn’t have to be. As many of you know and others are soon to find out, teal are not the pickiest ducks on the planet when it comes to realism in a decoy spread.

Tighten Up With Goose Noose Lanyards

Without a duck call the chances of success on a hunt are slim to none; and if you don’t have a lanyard to hold your call you’re gonna find yourself in a jam. That’s where Goose Noose Lanyards comes into play. These hand braided lanyards are made in Illinois by Charles Powell and are made for the serious waterfowler. While Goose Noose makes countless styles we will be focusing on the 4 drop model.