Kuster’s Game Carrier Carries the Load


Date: 11/19/13
Manufacturer: Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl
Category: Hunting Accessories


Total Score: 10 Excellent

Introduction: Game carriers, game totes, or hang em highs; whatever you call them, they all serve the same purpose. During your hunt they keep your birds organized and in order, and they make for easy carry out when you’re done. These come in many different shapes, colors, and styles, while some may fit your needs better than others. Recently, we received a game carrier from Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl and we were impressed with it from the start.

Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Game Carrier

Model  Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Game Carrier
Material 550 para cord
Features 10 leads, all with brass rings, carabiner
MSRP $20.00

Impressions: Kuster’s game carrier features very nice braiding, with a thick center area that should help pad your shoulder. The carrier also comes with its own camo carabiner that can be used to clip it to your blind bag. It has 10 leads with each one being fitted with a perfectly sized brass ring. I have seen many game carriers that have larger brass rings but the smaller ones seem to be better suited for the job. Also affixed in the braiding is a Kuster’s band.

Thick braiding in the center to make carrying easier and more comfortable

Thick braiding in the center to make carrying easier and more comfortable

Field Test: Since we got this carrier during the season, we were able to take it out in the field and put it to use. It’s small enough that it easily fits in your blind bag without taking up much room like some of those metal wire frame ones. Although, you can order these in almost any color, the camo color blended in well with the surroundings.

KL 5

The camo braid blends in good with most all surroundings

Although the carrier has 10 leads you can put numerous birds in each one and it will hold them securely. I feel confident that this game strap could hold so many birds that you would not be able to lift it. It also features a camo carabiner that is perfect for keeping it clipped to your blind bag, to help prevent you from losing it.

holds the birds securely and  keeps them in order

Holds the birds securely and keeps them in order

We were fortunate and managed to get a few birds to fill it up and it did great. It helped keep the birds in order while hunting and also made for a good picture at the end of the hunt. I really like the small brass rings used at the bottom of the leads. They were easy to use and stayed out of the way.

Up close shot of the brass rings

Up close shot of the brass rings

Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Game Carrier (?/10)


Handmade, and built to last a long time



For $20 you can’t beat it



Holds more than enough ducks without any problems



Great design, from the brass rings to the padded braiding


Total Score:



                        Positives                                                                     Negatives
A great price for a hand made game carrier
Colors can be custom ordered
Built tough and well thought out

Conclusion: A game carrier of some sort can really come in handy on a duck hunt; especially when hunting a spot that you have to walk to. All mass produced carriers on the market are priced $20 plus and many of them are made with cheap components. When you buy a Kuster’s Game Carrier you get unmatched quality and customer service as well as a custom product that will last for generations. Get intouch with Matt Kuster and order your Custom Game Carrier today.

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Its been a good hunt when the game carrier is full at the end of the day

KL 1