Texas Rig your own Decoys

Advantages to Texas Rigging:

  • Easy setup
  • Fast pick up
  • No tangles
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to transport and store

Tips before beginning

  • Weight size and line length will vary from hunter to hunter depending on preference
  • The key to success with these rigs is consistency. The line length and loop size must be the same throughout the entire spread to keep everything organized.
  • You can get all these products at your local Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas
  • You can buy do it yourself texas rig kits ready to assemble from www.doctarilonglines.com

Step 1. Get your materials

  • 400-500lb Monofilament
  • Pliers capable of crimping and cutting
  • Appropriate size crimping sleeves
  • Tape measurer
  • Egg sinkers of appropriate weight


Step 2. Cut your line to appropriate length

  • I cut my line at 60 inches “5 feet”, this gives me a total length of 48 inches “4 feet” once the rigging is complete.
  • We used 500lb test monofilament


Step 3. Slide a crimping sleeve on one end of the line

Step 4. Take out about 8” and make an overhand loop

Step 5. Make an overhand knot

Step 6. Make a total of 4 overhand knots leaving about ½ inch tag end.

Step 7. Slide crimping sleeve back up line and onto tag end

Step 8. Crimp sleeve down

Step 9. Run line through hole in decoy

  • If the hole in the decoy is bigger than the crimping sleeve, we recommend drilling another hole that is small enough to keep the crimp from going through it; yet big enough to allow the line to slide freely.

Step 10. Slide weight onto line

  • We used 4oz weights

Step 11. Slide crimping sleeve onto line

Step 12. Make a small loop and stick the tag end back into crimping sleeve.

Step 13. Pull tight

Step 14. Use pliers to crimp down crimping sleeve


  • Completed rig

  • No tangles to worry about


  • Off season storage