About Us

about_newA duck hunter is a special breed of hunter.  We fantasize and plan for the upcoming season everyday.  Every duck hunter has flipped through a hunting catalog and drooled over all the new gear and equipment.  Here at Fowl Judgement, we will show you up close photos and detailed reviews, of all the items you see in magazines and online. Whether you hunt 5 days out of the season, or 5 months out of the year, you rely on your gear and equipment to get you through your hunt.  Whether it’s a boat to help you reach your hunting spot, or a call for sweet talking in  groups of late season mallards, you want to know your product is reliable.

Our main goal here at Fowl Judgement, is to help educate all waterfowl hunters of what each and every company on the market has to offer.  We will share tips and techniques on ways to improve how certain products are used. We will also share some general ways to help improve your hunting success.  Here at Fowl Judgement you will receive honest reviews from actual duck hunters.