Are G&H Pintail Decoys Worthy of Your Spread?


Date: 10/28/12
Manufacturer: G&H
Category Decoys

Total Score: 8.37 Great

Introduction:  There’s nothing like the use of a dozen or so pintail decoys to really bring life to your decoy spread.  They help you set yourself apart from all the other hunters just using mallard decoys. Their bright white breasts are good for attracting ducks at a distance.  G&H decoys has a variety of pintail decoys to offer the serious duck hunter. For this review we will be looking over the magnum swivel head model.

Oversized Swivel Pintail Specifications

Type Duck
Species Pintail
Model P1
Size L17” W6.5”H4”     Weight 14oz
Keel Weighted
Features Swivel heads
MSRP $99.95 per six 3 drakes 3 hens

G&H’s pintail bodies are spot on to the real thing

First Impressions:  G&H typically uses generic bodies for their decoys, but these bodies are specifically made for pintail decoys.  The drake bodies seemed a bit lightly colored for our taste but the rest of the paint scheme was spot on. All G&H decoys have raised feather detail but we were particularly impressed with the vermiculated look of the drake bodies. Our first impressions were good. Hand painted decoys with swivel heads and a simple, rugged keel design. What’s not to like?

Notice the vermiculated side pocket of the drake decoy

In The Field:  To see if these decoys were worthy of your decoy spread we took them out for a day on the lake. The decoys self righted as they were supposed to and the swivel heads helped prevent the army soldier look to the spread. The paint is very flat and almost absorbed the sunlight like a real birds feathers.  The decoys floated well, like a real duck. They had no side-to-side rolling due to G&H’s recessed body design. From a distance the decoys looked like a relaxed group of loafing pintail and in our eyes they can compete with any other pintail decoy on the market.

Oversized swivel head pintail on the water

Drake pintail riding the water

Durability:  We now know that the decoys look realistic enough, and perform well enough to be put in a real life-hunting situation. Now we need to look at durability.  G&H prides themselves on having some of the most durable decoys on the market.  While we have not had the opportunity to get a full season out of these, we feel confident that they will hold up to all the abuse we will put them through. G&H makes their decoys out of high impact plastic, which makes them very tough, and they treat the surface to insure exceptional paint adhesion.

Back detail of the hen pintail

Drake pintail back detail

Oversize Swivel Pintail Ratings


Very tough plastic with durable paint



A bit on the pricy side



Preformed well in our field test, does everything as advertised



Body shape matches the natural shape of a pintail, drake body color a bit to light.


Total Score:



                           Positives                                                                  Negatives

Made in USA


Built to last

 Conclusion:  These decoys exceeded our expectations. They have everything any hunter would want in a pintail decoy and on top of it all they are made in the USA. That is the reason for the higher price but we have a feeling if you buy a dozen of these you wont be replacing them anytime soon. Try these out and see what you think.