The Ultimate Season Starts with Cabela’s Ultimate Hunting Waders

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Date: 8/10/13
Manufacturer: Cabela’s
Category: Apparel


Total Score: 8.38 Great

Introduction: Cabela’s has a huge line of hunting waders; nearly every option for any application. I have yet to come across a pair of Cabela’s waders that didn’t impress me. Most all of their waders are reasonably priced, and are durable enough to withstand many seasons of waterfowling abuse. Their Ultimate Hunting Chest Waders are no exception to their reputation.

Cabela’s Ultimate Hunting Chest Waders Specifications

Type Waders
Material Neoprene
Model Big/Regular/Stout
Size 7-15
Color Realtree Max-4/Mossy Oak Shadow Grass
Features 5mm neoprene, 1,000 gram Thinsulate
MSRP $219.99-224.99
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Spare material comes included for patching puncture holes

First Impressions: These waders looked great when we took them out of the box. They had many features including a chest pocket that is made to keep your hands warm on those chilly mornings, and a pouch with with shell loops sewn in. The Max-4 Camo gave great color to the waders to help them blend well, in many situations. One of the most innovative things about these waders is the shoulder straps. They are made of neoprene and are wider than most wader shoulder straps. Rather than buckles, they feature a large patch of velcro to secure them for a days hunt. The rubber on the boots looked thick enough to eliminate most punctures. The entire outer layer is covered in a material called Armor – Flex, this material is extremely tough yet very flexible.

The boot and soles of the waders

The boot and soles of the waders

Field Test: On the water the waders performed great. They were very comfortable and the inside stayed dry. They weren’t too bulky like many waders are. Being that the shoulder straps are wider than most, the weight of the waders was more evenly distributed. Therefore, making them very comfortable to wear and less fatiguing on your back.

Some of the features of the Ultimate hunting waders

Some of the features of the Ultimate hunting waders

These waders have 5mm neoprene and thick boots. These are great features when it’s extremely cold out and you need to stay warm, but there is a trade off when it comes to weight. These are not the best waders for walking a long distance due the weight. Not to say they aren’t comfortable, they just aren’t light. There is no fleece lining on the inside which cuts down on price and helps them dry out faster.

Good quality boots should last for many seasons

Good quality boots should last for many seasons


Cabela’s Ultimate Hunting Chest Waders (?/10)


Extremely well made and should last many seasons of abuse



A bit on the pricey side but still reasonable



Definitely made to keep you warm, not the best for mobility



Simple yet practical design, built in hand muff, and chest pocket with shell loops.


Total Score:



                        Positives                                                                        Negatives
Extremely warm Limited camo patterns
Durability Not the lightest pair of waders
Reasonably priced
No fleece linning make drying them out much easier

No fleece lining makes drying them out much easier

Conclusion: Overall these are very good waders. Yes, they are on the heavy side but with the weight comes extreme warmth. If you are the type of hunter that spends time riding in a boat or just sitting in a blind, these will work well for you. From what we have seen Cabela’s waders are top notch when it comes to quality and can compete with other big name wader manufacturers.

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Up close shot of the Armor-Flex material