Call Coozy, Got it Covered?

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Date: 7/6/13
Manufacturer: RTL Outdoors LLC
Category: Call Accessories


Total Score: 9.63 Excellent


Introduction: Imagine if there was a product that could protect your duck calls from all the things we put them through. With today’s calls costing anywhere from $50 to $250, we need to do everything we can to protect them.  RTL Outdoors has come up with a product that will not only protect our calls but even solve a few more problems in the process. RTL Outdoors is devoted to bringing new and exciting products to the American sportsman and that’s exactly what they did when they came out with the Call Coozy.

RTL Outdoors Call Coozy

Model Camo Large
Material Neoprene
Features Stretchable and form fitting
MSRP Camo L/S $4.49, Black L/S $3.99
Brand new large camo Call Coozy in the package

Brand new large camo Call Coozy in the package

First Impressions: The Call Coozy is a very simple product. It is basically a neoprene sleeve that slides over your duck call to protect it. The Call Coozy is double stitched on either end and up the side. The double stitching ensures that the neoprene will stay durable and intact. The Coozies come in camouflage or black and are available in two sizes; large and small. The large coozies fit calls that are 1″ in diameter or larger, while the small coozies fit calls 1″ or smaller.

Double stitching on either end ensures that minimum fraying occurs

There are a lot of obvious benefits that the Call Coozy offers; for example, if you drop your call, it helps prevent it from cracking or chipping. In extremely cold weather the Call Coozy should keep your call insulated enough to prevent it from freezing up when you’re ready to blow it. For every obvious reason to use the Call Coozy there is another one that is not so obvious.

with the bright, colorful calls on the market today we need a way to cover them up

All the bright colorful calls on the market today we needed a way to cover them up

Field Test: It’s no secret that ducks can see very well; if they couldn’t, why would we go to the trouble to paint our faces, wear masks and use camouflage guns. If we go to extreme measures to cover everything we have with camouflage, why should we treat our calls any different? The Call Coozy will not only protect your calls but it will also conceal them from the birds. One of our favorite things about this product is the fact that it deadens the noise from your lanyard.  There’s nothing more annoying then wearing numerous calls and listening to them clang around all day. Whether its the calls around your neck or your hunting partners, this will eliminate that laynard noise.

Keeps your calls quiet and concealed on your lanyard

Keeps your calls quiet and concealed on your lanyard

There is a reason wet suits and waders are made from neoprene, it provides tremendous insulating properties. So, it only makes since that a Call Coozy on your call would stay warmer then a call without one. This is a huge advantage during those late season, freezing cold days. Another important quality of neoprene is, that it is buoyant.  We tested it out and sure enough all the calls we tested floated on top of the water. I wouldn’t recommend going out and throwing you calls in the water but, it is nice to know that if you do accidentally drop one in, it shouldn’t sink like a stone.
Neoprene helps insulate things and will keep your calls rom freezing up

Neoprene helps insulate things and will keep your calls from freezing up

Extra security, the Call Coozy can float most calls

Extra security, the Call Coozy can float most calls

Another advantage we found with the Call Coozy, was that it kept both the insert and barrel of the call together. If you have a call that does not fit snugly together, the Call Coozy will hold them together or at least keep the two intact if they ever get separated. I think we can all agree, a call without an insert, or a call without a barrel doesn’t work too well.

Comfortable in hand, floats, silences lanyard noise, insulates and conceals

RTL Outdoors Call Coozy (?/10)


Well made, durable enough to last



Inexpensive product to protects expensive calls



Exceeds expectations, does it all



Two sizes fit most calls, simple yet practical


Total Score:



                        Positives                                                                     Negatives
Simple and Effective
Practical with many uses
Not just for duck calls

Not just for duck calls

Conclusion: The Call Coozy seems to have countless uses. This product is definitely not just for duck calls. It can be used for deer calls, flashlights, or anything else you want to keep concealed, protected, or prevent from making a lot of noise. No sound rings through the woods like that of a flashlight banging up against a metal deer stand. The Call Coozy is affordable and easy to install. It is a great product to protect your investment when it comes to expensive calls. There is no question this product has many uses and we look forward to finding out more of them throughout the coarse of a season. Be sure to check out their new product, The Call Coozy Complete.

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Simple yet effective