Take Control with Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Lanyards

A duck call lanyard is a very important piece of equipment, and there are many different models and styles available on the market. Some hold one call some hold numerous calls, while some hold nearly everything but the kitchen sink. They are made from many different types of material and countless color patterns. The most important thing about any lanyard is that it fits your needs and works for you. Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Lanyards are worth a look the next time you are shopping for a new lanyard.

Kingdom Calls, Clearing the Skies with the Air Traffic Controller

We got our hands on a Kingdom Calls Air Traffic Controller goose call, just in time for early goose season. Kingdom Calls is a company based out of Kentucky, as some of you may recall from our previous review of their (GS-1) Duck Call. Just like their other call, this one did not fail to impress us.

Tighten Up With Goose Noose Lanyards

Without a duck call the chances of success on a hunt are slim to none; and if you don’t have a lanyard to hold your call you’re gonna find yourself in a jam. That’s where Goose Noose Lanyards comes into play. These hand braided lanyards are made in Illinois by Charles Powell and are made for the serious waterfowler. While Goose Noose makes countless styles we will be focusing on the 4 drop model.

When the King Calls…Will You Be Ready?

The duck call is one of the most essential tools in our arsenal, and you certainly do not want to leave home with out it. People choose their call based on many things; volume, looks, sound quality and price to name a few. Kingdom Calls is a call company located in the state of Kentucky. While they may not be the biggest manufacture, their products speak for themselves and can definitely compete with the larger companies line of calls.

Call Coozy, Got it Covered?

Imagine if there was a product that could protect your duck calls from all the things we put them through. With today’s calls costing anywhere from $50 to $250, we need to do everything we can to protect them. RTL Outdoors has come up with a product that will not only protect our calls but even solve a few more problems in the process. RTL Outdoors is devoted to bringing new and exciting products to the American sportsman and that’s exactly what they did when they came out with the Call Coozy.

Does the Echo Cut Down Live up to the Cut Down Reputation?

Ever since legendary Arkansas guides started cutting down keyhole Olts, everyone has wanted to get their hands on a cut down call. For years the only way to obtain one of these mystical calls was to cut it yourself, or fork out big bucks for someone to cut one down for you. Well, Echo Calls has made this much easier for the general public.

Success with Zinks’ Power Clucker

Fred Zink founded Zink Calls in 2001. Since then, they have been a top competitor in the duck and goose call industry. Zink Calls are all about new innovations and improvements and they show this with their very affordable molded polycarbonate Power Clucker.