Autumn Wings Series 72 Decoys, Keeping Tradition Alive

I know a lot of people have been using Autumn Wings wooden heads for years. Personally, I have ordered dozens upon dozens of their heads for my herters model 72 decoys. For years all of their products have been high quality and backed by some of the best customer service in the business. After selling Wooden heads by the truck loads, Autumn Wings has decided to add a new line of decoys. The series 72 decoys are made for the hunter that is on a budget, but is also looking for some custom light weight and durable decoys.

Avian-X Topflight Pintails Lead The Way

By now most hunters have heard of the Avian-X Brand made by Zink. This line of decoys is designed by World Champion carver Rick Johannsen and has taken the decoy world by storm with their ultra realistic postures and paint schemes. Saying that, Avian-X has raised the bar in the decoy department is a major understatement. Ever since their release they have been all the talk on the public forums. Which is why we thought it would be a perfect product for us to write about.

Don’t Be Limited, Extend the Boundaries With Boondock Outdoors Link n’ Sink

Texas rigs are one of the most popular ways to rig decoys these days. They are easy to pick up, easy to put out and even easier to store. Typically texas rigs are on short lines, and this is the one downside to these types of rigs; they are usually limited to shallow water applications. Boondock Outdoors has come up with a solution so that texas rigs can be useful and effective in almost any situation.

Lifetime Decoys “The Original Coated Cable Decoy Rig”

By now we all know the concept of a texas rigged decoy. Well, Lifetime Decoys has taken that idea to the next level. While their version still has the convenient function of the ordinary texas rig it also adds extreme durability. Based out of Houston Texas; Lifetime Decoys has created arguably the most durable, rugged and indestructible decoy rig on the market. With numerous different versions to choose from we will be focusing on the 48″ model.

Greenhead Gear Pro Grade Mallards Setting the Pace.

Greenhead Gear keeps the reputation alive with some of the most realistic decoys on the market. From the original series to the pro grade series the one thing they all have in common is realism. While Greenhead gear has about every pose imaginable in the pro-grade series, we are going to focus on a swivel head active drake and a rester hen.

Gear Up with Greenhead Gear’s Pro Grade Green Winged Teal

Greenhead gear has been leading the way when it comes to realistic decoys for several years now. But, recently, they have stepped up their game with there pro grade additions. The pro grade line of decoys offer even more detail, as well as, posses and postures. This brings life to your decoy spread and gives you an edge over the competition. We have been fortunate to receive a couple of pro grade green wing teal decoys, for review, from greenhead gear.

G&H Decoys still Fitting the Needs of Todays Duck Hunters.

Introduction: Since 1934 G&H decoys has been producing quality duck and goose decoys. They are based out of their facility in Henryetta Oklahoma. From the time G&H decoys was founded to now, they have been known for making decoys that are durable enough to pass down from generation to generation. We will see how their Magnum Swivel Mallards stack up to the G&H reputation. They must be worth writing about due to the fact they are G&H’s top selling decoys.

Are G&H Pintail Decoys Worthy of Your Spread?

There’s nothing like the use of a dozen or so pintail decoys to really bring life to your decoy spread. They help you set yourself apart from all the other hunters just using mallard decoys. Their bright white breasts are good for attracting ducks at a distance. G&H decoys has a variety of pintail decoys to offer the serious duck hunter. For this review we will be looking over the magnum swivel head model.

Heat up your decoy spread with Greenhead Gear’s Hot Buy Goose Shells.

When it comes to decoys, Greenhead gear is one of the most realistic on the market. Their Hot Buy Canada goose shells are no exception. Although, decoy shells are not made to be the most realistic decoy, they are a great way to really beef up your spread without taking a toll on your wallet.