Play It Safe With The Gun Grabber

Being able to secure and store a firearm properly is at the top of the list when it comes to gun ownership. Weather you are in the boat, the duck blind or back at the camp after a day of hunting, you need to know your gun is safely secure. After a scare in the duck blind with some unsecured guns the guys at Gun Grabber knew something needed to be made that could secure a gun safely, but not impede with the use of the gun. For nearly 15 years now The Gun Grabber has been doing exactly that.

Take Cover From The Storm By: Black Diamond

All duck hunters know how important it is to have a good light. We have them in our boats, in our trucks and everywhere else imaginable. A good source of light is essential when setting up your decoys early in the morning before the sun comes up. We can all agree going out before the sun rises and coming back after it has set, would be much more difficult without some sort of light. While a good flashlight is useful, a headlamp is invaluable; which is why we were so excited to receive Black Diamond’s Storm Headlamp. Since 1957 Black Diamond has been producing top quality equipment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Kuster’s Game Carrier Carries the Load

Game carriers, game totes or hang em highs, what ever you call them they all serve the same purpose. During your hunt they keep your birds organized and in order, and the make for easy carry out when your done. These come in many different shapes colors and styles and some may fit your needs better than others. Recently we received a game carrier from Kuster’s custom waterfowl and we were impressed with it from the get go.

SG-20, The Closest Thing to Liquid Gold

SG-20 is manufactured by Vettec, a family owned company located in Southern California that has been making products for over 60 years. Although they have been making adhesives for many years, it has only recently become available specifically for outdoor gear repair needs. Vettec was kind enough to send us a sample of their product to test out and show our readers what it is capable of. We have all had a pair of waders get a hole, rip, or puncture and there are products on the market to repair such issues but with SG-20 you can have the hole fixed and be back in the field within an hour.

Dry Your Worries Away with the Peet Power Cell

If you are a duck hunter or an outdoorsman chances are you have used or have found yourself in need of some type of boot dryer. Peet started making footwear dryers in 1968 and they have led the market in quality and design. They offer dryers of all shapes and sizes to fit every possible need. We have used Peet Dryers in the past but never one so small and compact. This is what makes the Peet Power cell so attractive to the duck hunter that often finds themselves on the road or in a hotel.

Drake’s Floating Blind Bag-Keeps Your Gear Above Water

Finding the perfect blind bag is a tough task for any waterfowler. Its got to be able to hold all your gear and keep it dry at the same time. Drake Waterfowl has put a lot of thought and research into designing their floating blind bag series. Each bag is built to be rugged and practical, down to the finest detail.