Does the Echo Cut Down Live up to the Cut Down Reputation?



Date: 1/9/13
Manufacturer: Echo Calls
Category Duck Call


 Total Score: 8.13 Great


Introduction:  Ever since legendary Arkansas guides started cutting down keyhole Olts, everyone has wanted to get their hands on a cut down call.  For years the only way to obtain one of these mystical calls was to cut it yourself, or fork out big bucks for someone to cut one down for you. Well, Echo Calls has made this much easier for the general public. Now you can go to your local sporting goods shop and buy a call that sounds similar to an old style cut down Olt, straight out of the box.

Echo Cut Down Specifications

Type Mallard hen call
Material Plastic
Color Black
Reed Type Single
Features Keyhole insert
MSRP $45.00

Absolutely no frills about this call, nothing but business

First Impressions:  This call doesn’t take on the appearance of a regular style call. It more closely resembles the cut down Olt with the barrel turned around backwards. Only with this call, it’s supposed to fit that way. It has a simple design and there is nothing fancy about it. A piece of cork is set to hold in the single mylar reed which is a bit wider than the original Olt reed. We were skeptical that this call would sound good without any filing, sanding or trimming. Although, we were pleasantly surprised to find that out of the box, it sounded nearly as good as any cut down Olt we had blown.

Echo Collage

Ins and outs of the call

Field Test:  This call was specifically made for hunting in the timber so we thought what, better place to try it out. As soon as we blew the call we could tell right away that this was the real deal. This call was loud; I’m not talking about championship calling loud I’m talking about a deep quack that carries through the trees.  When blowing this call I felt like almost no duck was out of calling range. Once we had the bird’s attention we had to back off on the calling. This call was not as easy to get real quiet and chuckle as some wood or acrylic calls, but as far as cut down calls go it was on par. The call preformed beautifully in the woods and helped to provide us with a very successful hunt.

Echo 2

Putting the Echo Cut Down to work in the timber

Echo Cut Down Ratings (?/10)


Molded plastic is not the most durable material but it keeps the cost down and still produces a quality sound



One of the most affordable cut down calls on the market



Good running call, difficult to chuckle at times due to slight amount of sticking



Nothing fancy, but comfortable to blow and designed to secure a lanyard at both the barrel and the insert


Total Score:



       Positives                                                      Negatives
Loud with just the right amount of rasp Takes more air than acrylic or wood calls
Easy to blow for a cut down call Has a slight tendency to stick when chuckling
Price and availability



Good weather and a good call yielded good results

Good weather and a good call yielded good results

Conclusion: Don’t let the simple design or price of this call fool you, it’s the real deal. This is a great option for someone looking to try this style of call for the first time. It is easy to blow and loud enough to rattle some tree limbs in the process. Fair warning for people who have never blown a cut down style call; in general they take more air to blow so work with them a bit and don’t give up on it. Once you master it you will be asking yourself why you haven’t been blowing this style of call for years. Although this call doesn’t offer the uniqueness of a cut down that was specifically made for its owner, it is still a great call that should not be overlooked.

The writing is on the wall when it comes to the Echo Cut Down

The writing is on the wall when it comes to the Echo Cut Down