G&H Decoys still Fitting the Needs of Todays Duck Hunters.


Date: 10/21/12
Manufacturer: G&H Decoys
Category: Decoys


Total Score:  8.25 Great

 Introduction:  Since 1934 G&H decoys has been producing quality duck and goose decoys. They are based out of their facility in Henryetta Oklahoma. From the time G&H decoys was founded to now, they have been known for making decoys that are durable enough to pass down from generation to generation.  We will see how their Magnum Swivel Mallards stack up to the G&H reputation.  They must be worth writing about due to the fact they are G&H’s top selling decoys.

G&H Magnum Swivel Mallard Specifications

Type Duck
Species Mallard
Model M4O
Size L18” W7.5” H4”    Weight 1lb 3oz
Keel Weighted
Features Swivel heads, slot in keel for adapter
MSRP $119.95 per dozen 8 drakes, 4 Hens

Nothing like opening a box of brand new decoys

First Impressions:  When we opened the box we were impressed with the packing job the company had done. Each decoy had individually been placed in a plastic bag and securely tied shut. The attention to detail in each decoy was great, as all G&H decoys are hand painted. The paint was very flat with just the right amount of sheen to resemble an actual mallard duck.

The body style for the most part is generic. But the raised feather detail and realistic inserted eyes make up for that. The decoys have a weighted keel for self-righting. They have also been molded with a groove in them, to accept the G&H transformer adapter, “stake for use on land.”

Up close picture of the keel design

We pulled them all out of the box and spread them out on the floor to see what the whole flock looked like.  The fact that all the decoys have swivel heads is a huge plus. It makes customizing your spread as simple as twisting to the left or right.

The swivel heads allow you to change the pose of each decoy

In The Field: To see how the decoys looked in the sunlight and on the water, we took them out for the day to simulate a real hunting situation. The decoys self- righted without any problems.

The raised feather detail really shows up great in the sunlight

The decoys did great for us out in the field. Our only wish is that it was duck season, so we could have seen what the birds thought.  The decoys are built with a recessed body design so they don’t role from side to side in rough water as much as a flat bottom decoy would.

Testing out the weighted keel

The decoys performed well out on the water and looked like live birds from a distance.  Typically, a mallard drake does not have its speculum showing when resting on the water yet each decoy had the speculum painted blue.  We don’t feel like this will affect the decoys duck killing ability but, thought it was worth pointing out.

The full dozen on the water

Durability:  G&H decoys are molded from high impact plastic.  This gives them unbelievable strength for a plastic decoy.  Although, they are susceptible to stray pellets like any other plastic decoys, they are hard enough to keep from being crushed in the bottom of a duck boat by your hunting partners.

Durable enough to be slung in the bottom of your hunting boat

For years G&H has carried the reputation of having the most durable paint on the market.  We see these decoys as being no exception.  In fact G&H told us directly that if there were any problem with the paint durability they would be happy to replace the decoys with a brand new batch.  The drake heads are a molded metallic green color so no matter how hard you try you can’t scratch the paint of them.

These decoys seem just as tough as any other G&H decoy we have hunted over

G&H Magnum Swivel Mallard Ratings


More durable than your average plastic decoy



High price for a mass produced decoy



Perform as advertised, self right and heads swivel



Generic bodies with basic paint schemes, functional and will get the job done


Total Score:



                           Positives                                                                      Negatives

Made in USA

Generic body and paint

Built to last


Conclusion:  These decoys obviously are not as detailed as other brands on the market.  The bodies are very basic and utilitarian. But they do look like a duck and that’s what matters. Each and every decoy is assembled and hand painted by people in America. Not many other decoy companies can say that.  G&H in our experience, has been easy to get in touch with and has always had great customer service.  These decoys may cost a little more up front but eventually pay for themselves by holding up and preventing you from having to re-buy brand new decoys every season.  Give these decoys a shot you won’t be disappointed.

Quality decoys made in America