Get your Ice Bay Glacier Gloves if you Want to Stay Dry This Duck Season

Date: 10/29/12
Manufacturer: Glacier Glove
Category: Apparel


Total Score: 8.88 Great

Introduction:  How Frustrating is it to go to the store and buy a pair of waterproof gloves only to take them hunting and find out they are not so waterproof.  Well, we believe we have found that waterproof glove you have been searching for.  Glacier Glove has designed a quality, waterproof glove for those cold days out on the water. Glacier Glove is based out of Reno NV, and offers a good variety of gloves, from fishing to hunting. But today we are going to direct our focus on the Ice Bay model.

Glacier Gloves Ice Bay Specifications

Type Gloves
Material Neoprene
Model Ice Bay
Size XS-2XL
Color Black
Features Fleece lining, stitched and glued seams
MSRP 24.99

Brand new pair of Ice Bay Gloves

First Impressions:  When you first look at these gloves you wouldn’t think they were something that you could use for duck hunting. No camouflage pattern just solid black. They are made of neoprene with a fleece lining to help keep your hands dry and warm on those chilly morning boat rides.  The seams looked to be extremely well done, to completely seal off the inside of the gloves from the elements. The fleece lining really allows your hands and fingers to slide right into position.  We were anxious to see if these gloves were truly as waterproof as they claimed to be, so we took them out on the water to test them.

Fleece lining on the inside of glove adds warmth and comfortably

Field Test:  On the water and under the water these gloves did what the company claimed they would do. We submerged the gloves and they were 100% waterproof, no leaks anywhere.  The outer texture of the gloves had a good feel to them; it was very easy to grab a hold of objects unlike how it is when you are wearing big bulky gloves.

Under water test passed with flying colors

Durability:  These gloves are durable and will last you a season or two, with normal use. But keep in mind they are not work gloves made for putting up a barbed wire fence. If you are breaking limbs and pulling vines constantly with these gloves they will wear down much faster than if you are just picking up or putting out decoys, or driving a boat. They are made well and the seams are some of the best we have seen out of a pair of waterproof gloves, and we all know that the seams of anything waterproof is usually the week point.

Close up of the texture of the glove

Glacier Glove Ice Bay Ratings


Well made but not a glove for excessive abuse



Very well priced for their performance



These gloves did everything the company claimed they would do



They fit well and are designed to keep your hands dry and warm


Total Score:


Positives and Negatives:

                           Positives                                                                  Negatives

Truly Waterproof

Warmth on extremely cold days


Not durable enough for excessive work


 Conclusion:  These are quality gloves that are great at keeping your hands dry. We recommend getting one size larger so that on extremely cold days an extra liner can be worn underneath the gloves. Some people wear big bulky gloves that keep them warm but if they ever get wet their hands freeze. We have found by just keeping our hands dry these gloves will also keep your hands warmer than many other gloves.  You can buy these gloves at Bass Pro Shops or straight from Glacier Gloves website.

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