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Date: 8/25/13
Manufacturer: Goose Noose Lanyard
Category: Call Lanyard


Total Score: 9.88 Excellent

Introduction: Without a duck call the chances of success on a hunt are slim to none; and if you don’t have a lanyard to hold your call you’re gonna find yourself in a jam. That’s where Goose Noose Lanyards comes into play. These hand braided lanyards are made in Illinois by Charles Powell and are made for the serious waterfowler. While Goose Noose makes countless styles we will be focusing on the 4 drop model.

Goose Noose Lanyard Specifications

Model 4 drop
Material High quality para cord
Features With or without whistle clip, numerous colors available, staggered drop design
MSRP 4 Drop Lanyard $20.00
gn 6

Comes with a Goose Noose Lanyards Band

First Impressions: We received this olive and tan lanyard from Goose Noose Lanyards and we were very impressed with the craftsmanship. This was a 4 drop model where the drops were staggered to keep the calls from banging into one another. Each drop had a very easily adjustable loop to secure the insert or barrel of a call. Each tag end had been burnt to prevent future fraying. The burnt end had also been pressed back to help keep a low profile and keep them from snagging on anything. The braiding was flawless and very uniform. The lanyard looked great, but now it was time to load it up with calls and see how it would perform.

The lanyard full of calls

Staggered drops with the lanyard full of calls

Field Test: We got the lanyard full of calls to see how it would manage. Each call was tightly secured by 2 drops. One around the insert, and the other around the barrel. They fit snuggly enough that you would not have to think twice about loosing a call while stomping around in the swamp. Not only does the lanyard hold the calls securely, it is also very comfortable around your neck. A lot of lanyards I have tried in the past have been uncomfortable to wear for a full day, but the way this one is constructed it can lay flat on your neck without causing you any problems.

The Lanyard hold plenty of calls and is very comfortable to wear

The Lanyard holds plenty of calls and is very comfortable to wear

One of the big benefits of this lanyard over others is the fact that the drops are staggered. This helps prevent your calls from banging into one another; therefore reducing noise and protecting your calls. The Goose Noose Lanyard is made of quality material and is made to last. When you hold this lanyard in your hand you can feel its durability. There is no doubt that this is a piece of equipment that can be past down form generation to generation.

Up close shot of the detail and time put into this lanyard

Up close shot of the detail and time put into this lanyard

Goose Noose Lanyard (?/10)


Hand made top of the line quality “made to last”



Great price for a hand made lanyard, you’re getting a lot for your money



Performs like a good lanyard should, holds calls securely and is comfortable



Numerous designs available, the 4 drop style was well thought out


Total Score:



                        Positives                                                                     Negatives
A great price for a hand made lanyard
Well thought out and designed for a serious waterfowler
Custom sizes available to fit anyones needs
Each tag end is burned to prevent fraying, once its burned its pressed back to keep it out of the way

Each tag end is burned to prevent fraying. Once it’s burned Goose Noose goes the extra mile and presses it back to keep it out of the way.

Conclusion: Most duck hunters will go through a hand full of lanyards to find that perfect one. We are all looking for one that can hold the amount of calls we like, is comfortable, gives a custom feel and is at an affordable price. Well look no further, Goose Noose Lanyards is what you have been looking for. This will blow most all mast produced lanyards out of the water. Not only do they offer numerous designs and styles, they also offer custom sizes and are willing to work with the customer to make sure they get them exactly what they are looking for. Be sure to get in touch with the owner Charles Powell if you have any questions.

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gn 4

Staggered calls can make all the difference in the world when silence is a necessity

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Hard to beat a quality American made product at an affordable price