Gear Up with Greenhead Gear’s Pro Grade Green Winged Teal


Date: 7/3/13
Manufacturer: Greenhead Gear
Category: Decoys


 Total Score: 8.38 Great

Introduction: Greenhead gear has been leading the way when it comes to realistic decoys for several years now. But, recently, they have stepped up their game with there pro grade additions. The pro grade line of decoys offer even more detail, as well as, posses and postures. This brings life to your decoy spread and gives you an edge over the competition. We have been fortunate to receive a couple of pro grade green wing teal decoys, for review, from greenhead gear. 

Greenhead Gear Pro Grade Green Wing Teal

Model Green Wing Teal, AV73121
Material Molded Plastic
Keel 60/40 Keel
Features 1 Surface Feeder Hen, 1 Surface Feeder Drake, 1 Rester Hen, 2 Rester Drakes, 1 High Head Drake
MSRP $39.99 Per 6

Realistic head detail on both the hen and drake decoys

First Impressions: The two decoys we received for review were a high head drake and a rester hen. Both of the decoys had extreme detail. The colors were accurate for the most part and the attention to detail in the paint job was unmatched; “notice the dots on the hens bill.” When we received the decoys there were a few very small spots where the paint had been scratched off, particularly on the high spots of the hen. The shading in the drakes green eye patch really added depth and gave the decoy something extra. The keels were the typical 60/40 design that Greenhead Gear uses on most all of their floating decoys.

A shot of the drakes side pocket and speculum

A shot of the drakes side pocket and speculum

Back detail on both the hen and drake

Field Test: While these decoys looked good indoors, we wanted to see what they looked like out on the water. First, we tested out the keels to make sure the decoys self righted, which they did with no issues. Both hen and drake looked extremely lifelike sitting on the water. The colors of the drake really stood out, while the hen was very mottled and blended in better with the surroundings, just like she should. When there was a slight ripple on the water the decoys had plenty of movement just like a couple of real birds.

First glance of the two decoys on the water

Even in the grass these decoys stand out well enough to be seen by passing birds. The decoys were painted to show the birds in full plumage, as though it was late season. If you are hunting the early teal season and happen to be a stickler for having the most accurate decoys possible, you may want to check out Greenhead Gears early season hen pack.

gt 6

What the ducks will see as they are flying by

 Although we are only showing you a couple decoys you have to imagine what it would look like with a dozen or so in your next decoy spread. That would be numerous different posses, and the numbers would definitely add to the realism. These are some of the better looking teal decoys we have seen when it comes to looks.

gt 10

High head drake in the grass

gt 7

Up close shot of the rester hen

Greenhead Gear Pro Grade Green Wing Teal (?/10)


Seem durable minus a few paint issues with the hen



Pricey for six decoys but they are extremely lifelike.



Performed like any floating decoy should



Varies different posses and extreme feather detail


Total Score:



                        Positives                                                                     Negatives
Ultra realistic and lifelike Possible Paint adhesion issues
Lots of movement in a slight breeze Made in China
Numerous Posses
The pair

The pair

Conclusion: With as abundant as green wing teal are, a couple dozen of these in anyone’s decoy spread is sure to add realism, and gain the interest of any passing duck. These decoys are definitely leaps and bounds above many of the teal decoys on the market, especially when it comes to their appearance. But we did see a few spots on them where they were susceptible to lose there paint. This could be a number of issues or it could even be possible we just received a couple that had a bad run of paint, which seems to be a common thing among decoy manufacturers. Either way, these are some of the most realistic and lifelike decoys produced today and if that is what you are in the market for be sure to check these out.

Look how many posses it takes to resemble the real thing

Look how many posses it takes to resemble the real thing