When the King Calls…Will You Be Ready?


Date: 8/19/13
Manufacturer: Kingdom Calls
Category: Duck Call


Total Score: 9.63 Excellent 

 Introduction: The duck call is one of the most essential tools in our arsenal, and you certainly do not want to leave home without it. People choose their call based on many things; volume, looks, sound quality and price to name a few. Kingdom Calls is a call company located in the state of Kentucky. While they may not be the biggest manufacture, their products speak for themselves and can definitely compete with the larger companies line of calls.

Kingdom Calls (GS-1) Guide Series Single Reed Specifications

Material Acrylic
Color Smoke
Reed Type Single
Features 7/32 tone channel, optional engraving
MSRP  $89.99
This contents of the box, were the call and two spare reeds

The contents of the box included, the call and two spare reeds

First Impressions: The call arrived to us in a very nice Kingdom Calls box, along with two spare reeds. Out of the box you could see the beauty in the call. It had a large Kingdom Calls Logo, with a drake mallard engraved on the barrel. The call was made of acrylic and had a very solid feel to it. Both the barrel and the insert had a grooved out ring for a lanyard to attach; this is a great feature to keep from losing any of the parts. The base of the barrel had a black metal band around it. The call also featured a 7/32 tone channel which is known for taking less air to blow as well as creating more back pressure.
The call taken apart

The call with the insert and barrel separated

Field Test: We now know how the call looks, but the big question is how does it sound? The first thing you will notice and be amazed by, is just how easy it is to blow this call. It takes little to no effort to get this call sounding like a duck. With the 7/32″ tone channel making it easy to blow, chuckling or soft quacks are a breeze. You have plenty of control and can make the call do what you want it to do. While the call is not the loudest we have heard, you can still get pretty good volume out of it. Most duck calls are give and take. If it’s a good soft sounding call, it lacks the volume and vise versa. The GS-1 seems to be a great median call, that will satisfy the needs of most all hunters.  The sound quality is topnotch. It flat out sounds like a mallard hen from one end of the spectrum to other. The quacks are clean and crisp as with the chuckling, you can hear every note. With its range and quality of sound it should have no problem turning ducks from a distance and putting them feet down in your face.
Close up shot of the 7/32" tone channel

Close up shot of the bottom of the insert 

This call does not have much of an issue with sticking. While it will hang up on a very rare occasion like any other call will do, it was so infrequent we would consider it a non issue. The GS-1 is comfortable to hold in your hand and the smoke colored call looks good hanging from a lanyard. The insert is easy to get in and out of the barrel and it has an air tight fit.
no need to worry about losing the insert thanks to the grooved out ring for the lanyard to secure it.

No need to worry about losing the insert, thanks to the grooved out ring for the lanyard to secure it.

Kingdom Calls (GS-1) Guide Series Single Reed (?/10)


A solid call that is well built, that will perform day in and day out



It’s hard to argue the price, at $89.99 for a hand turned custom acrylic call how can you go wrong



Call performs great, has good range, and doesn’t tend to hang up



Pretty common call design with a uniqueness coming from the 7/32 tone channel


Total Score:


                        Positives                                                                        Negatives
Competitively priced
Great range, can get soft and loud
Custom made, hand turned
Picture of the insert with the cork and reed removed

Picture of the insert with the cork and reed removed

Conclusion: The (GS-1) Guide Series call from Kingdom Calls is very well made. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and effort went into the design and the assembly. The two extra reeds that come with it can be used incase you lose the original or if you want to tweak the sound of the call yourself. With this call only costing $89.99 it is a great value.  You can also receive custom engraving as an option for an extra $10. If you have any specific questions about the call get in touch with the owner Jesse Richardson and he will be glad to help you out. This is not your run of the mill call that you will find at your local Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop. It is custom made and if you decide to get one you will truly have something special hanging from your neck this duck season.

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KC 8

A custom made call can really add something to your hunting experience

Looking forward to giving this call a shot on the real thing

Looking forward to giving this call a shot on the real thing