Take Control with Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Lanyards




Date: 12/16/13
Manufacturer: Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl
Category: Duck Calls


Total Score: 10 Excellent

Introduction: A duck call lanyard is a very important piece of equipment, and there are many different models and styles available on the market. Some hold one call, some hold numerous calls, while some hold nearly everything but the kitchen sink. They are made from many different types of material and countless color patterns. The most important thing about any lanyard is that it fits your needs and works for you. Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Lanyards are worth a look the next time you are shopping for a new lanyard.

Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Lanyard Specifications

Model Kuster’s Custom Lanyard
Material 550 para cord
Features 8 drops “2 drops per call “2 Whistle loops
MSRP 4 Drop Lanyard $25.00

Impressions: This lanyard has 8 drops, which means 2 drops for each call. It also has 2 extra loops for whistles or other accessories. The braiding is very well done. It’s thick around the neck to help make it comfortable. Although, you can get these custom made in nearly any color. The one shown here is olive drab, tan, orange and black. At the bottom of the lanyard is a Kuster’s band with the company’s information. The lanyard as a whole looked good, and we were anxious to try it out.


The lanyard holds up to four calls, while securing both the barrel and the inserts

Field Test:  We hooked the lanyard up with some calls and took it out to the water to see what we thought. All the drops tightened down on the calls inserts and barrels. We put a whistle on one of the whistle loops and left the second one empty. But it would be perfect for a dog whistle, or a robo duck remote, even a dog shock collar remote would work well.

the drops are spaced out well, making it easy to grab any call

the drops are spaced out well, making it easy to grab any call

The thick braiding around the back of the neck made it very comfortable to wear and did not get uncomfortable even during a long day of hunting. Not only did the thick braiding make it comfortable, but the shape of it allowed it to lay flat and stay out of the way. The drops were all a good length and the lanyard stayed in order when using any of the calls. From the top to the bottom this lanyard has a very sharp design. We especially liked the way it tapered off at the end.  At the very bottom it was finished with the Kuster’s band. It performed well and I would definitely be more than satisfied to use this lanyard throughout an entire season.

Extra thick braiding around the neck made the lanyard very comfortable to wear.

Extra thick braiding around the neck made the lanyard very comfortable to wear.

Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Lanyard (?/10)


Handmade, with no weak points



Custom made Lanyard for $25 is a very competitive price for any lanyard



Holds calls great and performs like any quality lanyard should



Overall it is very well designed, has a very completed look with the band at the bottom


Total Score:



                        Positives                                                                     Negatives
High quality and will hold your calls for countless seasons
Custom, handmade, countless options and colors
Can’t beat the price for a custom lanyard

Conclusion: This lanyard is the real deal. It’s not like some that you buy that only last a season or two. This lanyard is high quality and will last for years. It’s stiff enough to maintain its shape yet soft enough to be flexible and comfortable. Matt Kuster makes some of the finest braided waterfowl lanyards I have seen, and the attention to detail is unmatched. So the next time you’re in the market for a new lanyard take a look at Kuster’s Custom Waterfowl Lanyards, if you are looking for the best as well as unbeatable customer service.

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Had a great day with the new lanyard