Tread Lightly with Cabela’s Lightmag 800-Gram Waders

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Date: 5/1/13
Manufacturer: Cabela’s
Category: Apparel


Total Score: 9.00 Excellent 

 Introduction: Choosing the right pair of waders is no easy task; camo pattern, comfortability, durability, warmth, and price all play a part in deciding what pair of waders are right for you. Trying to narrow down all the options can be very overwhelming. Cabela’s has dozens of hunting waders to choose from, but today we are going to focus on the Cabela’s Lightmag 800 gram.

Cabela’s Lightmag 800-Gram Hunting Waders

Type Waders
Material Neoprene
Model Regular/Stout
Size 8-14
Color Advantage Max-4/Mossy Oak Duck Blind
Features 3.5mm Neoprene, 800gram Thinsulate
MSRP $189-$199
Spare material for patching puncture holes

Spare material for patching puncture holes

First Impressions: Most all Cabela’s brand products are high quality, and we expected these waders to be no different. Right from the start we saw many features that you would expect to find on waders from this day and age. A row of shell loops capable of holding up to six shells, it also features a 3 pocket design that includes a hand muff to keep your fingers warm on those cold mornings. The suspenders are plain elastic, with plastic buckles that can be tucked away with velcro straps. These allow you to wear layers above and below them without adding too much bulk. The knee area has a double layer of armor flex to help prevent punctures from foreign objects. There is no fleece lining on the inside of the waders, which helps keep the cost down. The boots themselves are very rugged with rubber lugged outsoles. While 800 gram thinsulate is not the warmest boot on the market we suspect it will be plenty warm to get the job done.

A few features of the Cabela's Lightmag waders

A few features of the Cabela’s Lightmag waders

Field Test: To give these waders an accurate review we used them for an entire season. The waders are very comfortable to wear. The neoprene is thinner than most waders on the market, which allows you to be more mobile. While the neoprene may be thinner, the waders did not seem to be any less durable than other waders we had used in the past. An entire season worth of abuse and these waders never developed a leak or showed any sign of excessive wear. There is more than enough room for storing small items in the pockets and pouches. Most waders on the market today offer at least 1000 gram thinsulate, so we were a bit worried at first that these would not offer enough warmth to keep us comfortable on those extremely cold winter mornings. But the fact that the waders are made of 3.5mm neoprene and have special stretch side panels, we could wear more layers of clothing to stay warm and still be mobile enough to get the job done.

3.5mm neoprene is plenty warm for standing in the chilly water all morning

3.5mm neoprene is plenty warm for standing in the chilly water all morning

Cabelas Lightmag 800-Gram Hunting Waders (?/10)


Very durable and dependable, should last for many seasons to come



Extremely affordable for a quality pair of neoprene waders



Perform as advertised, will keep you warm and allow you to stay mobile



Plenty of storage pockets, stretching side panels, and a double layer of armor in the knee area all make for a unique and effective design


Total Score:



                        Positives                                                                     Negatives
Affordable Only available in two camo patterns
Perfect waders if you do alot of walking to get to your hunting spots

Perfect waders if you do alot of walking to get to your hunting spots

Conclusion: These waders seemed to be the perfect combination of exceptional warmth and the ability to be extremely mobile. Some people may not like the fact there is no fleece lining but we found this to be a positive. If the inside of the waders get wet they dry out much faster than waders that are fleece lined. At $200 a pair they are easily one of the most affordable pair of neoprene waders on the market. Although they are priced low, they still offer most everything you can find in the higher dollar waders. If your in the market for an affordable lightweight and durable pair of waders for this upcoming season, look no further.

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A thick boot helps to prevent punctures

A thick boot helps to prevent punctures