Trimming Pintail Tails.

It’s all too common to  see a decoy bag with black plastic tails sticking out of it. If you have pintail decoys then you know what I am talking about. There is a solution as long as you’re not afraid to modify a perfectly good decoy. The decoys that I wanted to work on were G&H. I loved the decoys but the tails sticking out of my decoy bags was frustrating. These steps may vary from decoy to decoy but the concept is the same.

Trim the tails to solve this problem

Trim the tails to solve this problem

  •  Use a pair of strong scissors, PVC cutters or a hacksaw to cut the tail to the desired length.

PT 1

  •  This left a hole in the G&H brand

PT 2

  • To seal the hole there are a couple of options. I decided to fill the hole with some black waterproof silicon. The other option is to use a torch to heat up the area and mold it together.

PT 5

  • Allow the silicon to dry the appropriate amount of time, and you’re good to go. This can also be very helpful on mallard decoys where the curl is not completely closed and it catches decoy lines, etc. 

PT 4

PT 6